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3 Reasons to use a mobile Notary.

Notary public's are public officials used to help deter fraud by witnessing signatures, administering oaths, & other official acts. Below are 3 reasons you should use a mobile notary next time you need something notarized.

1. Convenient: Mobile notaries are super convenient because they travel to where you are. Its's like Uber, but for your documents. Whether you're at home, in the office, or even at a local shop a mobile notary will travel to you.

2. Flexibility: When the banks are closed after "normal" business hours, on holidays, or last minute- a Mobile Notary is usually available! If you are not mobile or don't want to travel for ANY reason, We Drive To You!!

3. Privacy: The confidentiality of your document / transaction is protected. We are bonded & have Errors & Omissions Insurance.

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